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Taxation Service

Tax is a compulsory financial levy imposed by governmental organizations on taxpayers, whether individuals or legal entities, to fund public expenditures. Failure to comply with tax obligations, including evasion or resistance, carries legal consequences. Taxes encompass Direct Taxes (such as Income Tax) and Indirect Taxes (like Goods and Services Tax/GST). Adhering to tax laws and engaging in proper tax planning, including filing income tax returns, is crucial. Tax planning strategies aim to help businesses achieve their financial objectives. Both large and small businesses benefit from tax planning, which aims to minimize tax liabilities by optimizing available allowances, deductions, exclusions, and exemptions, thereby reducing the overall tax burden in a lawful and efficient manner.

Direct Taxation

I. Advisory and Assistance for the preparation and filing of Income Tax Returns for Individuals, HUFs, Partnership Firms, LLPs, Companies, etc.

II. Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) Compliance Services, including the filing of e-TDS Returns for Clients.

III. Advisory on TDS for Immovable Properties, catering to both Residents and Non-Residents.

IV. Advance Tax Calculations and Planning Services.

V. Tax Consultancy and Planning for optimizing tax liabilities.

VI. International Taxation services covering remittances, Foreign Investments, incorporation of foreign companies, and establishment of Foreign entity Offices.

VII. Transfer pricing assessment to prevent tax avoidance in international transactions.

VIII. Transfer pricing study and analysis on comparables.

IX. Representation before revenue authorities, including appeal filings up to the Tribunal (ITAT) stage.

X. Submission of various forms such as 15C and 15CB in India.

XI. Cross-Border Taxation Services.

Indirect Taxation

I. Indirect Taxation Advisory services
Advisory services on GST/VAT/PT.
Advisory services on the impact of GST on business.

II. Representation Services
Representation Services under VAT/GST/Professional Tax.
Representation Services under VAT/Service Tax/GST and Professional Tax.

III. Compliance Review and Support
Review of all state GST compliances and providing handholding support.
Review of all state GST compliances and providing handholding support.

IV. Certification
Certification in relation to Indirect Tax.

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