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Audit and Assurance Service

Audit services, typically rendered by certified or chartered accountants like CPAs, offer independent professional assistance that mitigates information risks, laying the groundwork for informed decision-making. These services foster transparency and relevance in financial statements and information, thereby enhancing stakeholders’ and investors’ confidence and trust in the business.
Maintaining accurate financial records and staying abreast of paperwork is crucial for business success. A meticulous audit relies on meticulous bookkeeping, ensuring future readiness and safeguarding your investments.
Audit services, including statutory, tax, and GST audits, provide assurance not only to shareholders but also to management, boards, trustees, regulators, and other stakeholders. In India, certain audits are mandatory, aiding clients in navigating business risks and opportunities for strategic, sustainable growth.
we possess the requisite skills and competencies to deliver high-quality audit and assurance services. Our goal is to make the auditing process seamless for our clients, facilitating ethical decision-making based on accurately presented financial statements and reaping the associated benefits. Our audit and assurance services include the following:

– Statutory Audit
– Tax Audit
– GST Audit

I. Statutory Audit as per Companies Act: A comprehensive audit conducted in accordance with the Companies Act to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and reporting standards.

II. Internal Audits: Systematic evaluations of an organization’s internal controls, processes, and procedures to identify areas for improvement and mitigate risks.

III. Management Audits: Assessments focused on evaluating management practices, strategies, and decision-making processes to enhance organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

IV. Bank Audits: Includes Concurrent Audits, Statutory Branch Audits, etc., conducted to assess the financial health, compliance, and operational efficiency of banking institutions.

V. Limited Reviews: A condensed form of audit providing limited assurance on financial statements, typically performed at interim periods.

VI. Tax Audit under the Income Tax Act: A detailed examination of an entity’s tax-related transactions and records to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

VII. GST Audit: Verification of Goods and Services Tax (GST) records to ensure accuracy, compliance with GST laws, and proper utilization of input tax credits.

VIII. VAT Audit: Examination of Value Added Tax (VAT) records to ensure compliance with VAT laws and regulations.

IX. Stock Audit: Physical verification of inventory to reconcile book balances with actual stock on hand and identify discrepancies or irregularities.

X. Foreign Exchange Remittance Certifications: Issuance of Form 15CB/15CA to certify compliance with foreign exchange regulations for international remittances.

XI. Special Purpose Audits & Certifications: Tailored audits and certifications to address specific client needs or regulatory requirements.

XII. Information Systems Audit: Evaluation of an organization’s information systems, controls, and security measures to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

XIII. Sarbanes Oxley Act Documentation and Audit Support: Assistance with compliance efforts related to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, including documentation and audit support services.

XIV. Transfer Pricing Audit: Examination of transfer pricing policies and transactions to ensure compliance with Section 92E of the Income Tax Act and prevent tax evasion.

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